Engaging Your Employees

When we got our start in connecting volunteers with opportunities, our main audience was high school students. Those students became college students who continued using our platform. Now as this growing number of users enter the workforce, we are seeing them look for career opportunities that allow them the time to continue giving back to the community. These highly engaged individuals are looking for companies offering volunteer time off (VTO). VTO isn’t a new idea by any stretch, but it’s a common theme among companies these days, looking to recruit, engage, and retain the growing number of millenials entering the workforce.



NobleHour is the perfect online, cost effective solution for organizations looking to offer employees volunteer time off and systematize their VTO program.

NobleHour connects organizations looking for volunteers. It allows members to join opportunities, log, and track their hours, and easily get those hours verified by the organizer.

As a portal administrator, you’ll get seamless reports showing you who volunteered, when and where they volunteered, and their collective impact on the community.

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Our reports feature is right at your fingertips, highlighting the impact your employees are making in the community.

You Can:

  • Compile and export your data with just a few clicks - These reports are great to show your executive team, shareholders, or include in your annual report!

  • See your employees approved hours and economic impact over time

  • See how your organization is performing on average compared to other communities

  • Report on all of your community engagement activity including users, groups, opportunities and community partnerships

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We recently launched our mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

You Can:

  • Track hours on the go

  • Clock into an opportunity while you are volunteering and then clock out when you’re finished to automatically calculate the time you volunteered

  • Quickly see what’s around you by using Explore

  • Volunteer and then add your hours from your smart phone.

These are just a couple of the many great features on NobleHour- To see more- Visit our Features page.