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Whether you're new to NobleHour or just need a refresher, jump on one of our NobleU training sessions to sharpen your Noble skills! Learn how NobleHour can help you engage with your members, understand your impact, and create more community engagement.


Each training session below is offered on a bi-monthly basis - so there's always an upcoming training session to plug into!



Community Administrator Training

We cover the basics of managing your NobleHour community. Topics include identifying goals for using Noblehour, creating and managing Groups, interacting with your Community Partners, managing Opportunities, and using your Community Administrator reports. We will also touch on best practices for rollout and adoption.





Group Administrator Training

We cover the basics of managing a Group on NobleHour. Topics include Group creation and management options, inviting members to join, featuring Opportunities to share with your Group members, and using your Group Administrator reports.

** We encourage Community Admins to invite their Group leaders to this training session - these might include team leads, faculty teaching a course, staff managing a program, committee chairs, etc.!






Organization Administrator Training

We cover the basics of managing a free Organization on NobleHour. Topics include account creation and organization registration, Opportunity creation, and how to share your needs with other members of our NobleNetwork.






Member Training

Get an introduction to the NobleNetwork! Topics include finding and joining Opportunities, tracking your hours, submitting them to organization hosts for verification, or to groups for approval. We'll also help you understand and articulate your work via your Member Impact reports.