Join the Movement to Make Portland the #1 Corporate Volunteer City in the U.S.

NobleBridge’s mission is to bring together 100 Portland business and community partners around volunteerism. Here’s why:

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employee volunteerism can make a massive impact if it's easy to engage, and see results.



employee volunteerism can have a huge benefit on engagement, retention and productivity. 

  • Nonprofit organizations often struggle to find long-term volunteers

  • Gaining meaningful feedback is critical to maintaining engaged volunteers

  • 80% of nonprofits have difficulty building strong corporate partnerships  with limited staff and resources

  • Employees under utilize their volunteer programs by nearly 90%

  • Most companies want to volunteer, but have a hard time finding the right opportunities for their people to take advantage of

  • Businesses that offer in-kind donations often have trouble verifying volunteer hours

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is Valuable for

Communities &


What's in it for You?


Expert Training

  • Attend regular networking and happy hour events hosted by NobleHour

  • Make lasting connections with other community partners and businesses

  • Exposure to new causes, partners and ways to engage your teams

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  • Opportunities for businesses to learn more about engaging employees and teams to maximize company benefit

  • Learn how to engage at a deeper level with your volunteers and recruit new people, motivated by your cause

  • Learn how to turn more volunteers into more donations to expand your reach and mission



& Happy Hour

  • Participants will be the first to pilot new NobleHour features and capabilities

  • Robust reporting and advanced, more customized intelligence, exclusively for NobleBridge participants

  • Invaluable insights about what's important to your people, volunteers and teams, and what motivates them to get out and engage!

Join the Movement and

Mobilize Your Volunteers!

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