Professional Skills Development Through VolunteerismMeaningful Volunteer Experiences Enhance Employee Engagement

Companies are starting to recognize that volunteer work is an actual opportunity to build on employees’ skills — rather than just attract new hires. Here, we share a few ways that volunteering can improve employees’ professional skills and how your employee volunteer program can better support this development.

NobleCause Grant to Fund Innovative Service-Learning Modelstudent volunteer resources

Imagine the impact 75,000 students could make if they participated in a community focused service-learning experience every school year. That’s what the National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement (NCLCE) plans to find out with the help of a $50,000 NobleCause grant.

Connecting Smaller Nonprofits to Businesses With VTOEmployee Volunteer teams working together on community enagagement

Learn how smaller nonprofits can attract and leverage business partners who engage employees with volunteer time off programs.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (and What Does It Mean for Nonprofits)?volunteers collecting donations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot button topic for a wide range of organizations, but what does it actually mean and what are the benefits for nonprofits and businesses? Learn more about CSR.

Why Should Nonprofits Build Relationships With Businesses?Diversity and Inclusion through Corporate volunteerism

For nonprofits, finding a business to partner with comes with several benefits. Learn how to to create meaningful and lasting relationships with community partners.

NobleBridge Spotlight: Operation Nightwatch PortlandVolunteer serving food in homeless shelter

What started as an outreach program — meeting the unhoused populations where they were — today, it’s a bit different “we are really focused on hospitality and social connection.” Learn why Operation Nightwatch joined the growing NobleBridge movement.

What is the NobleBridge Volunteer Initiative?Preparing to volunteer, a group of people in circle smiling down at camera

NobleBridge is an initiative bring together businesses and community partners. The goal of the NobleBridge program is to create and foster a strong culture of volunteerism to the northwest. Learn how your organization can get involved.

Preparing for Severe Weather Season: What You Need To KnowPile of Shovels for volunteers

While you may not personally be affected when storms or droughts hit, others in your community may not be so fortunate. How can you help when a crisis occurs?

Get Your Company into the Giving Tuesday Spiritnonprofit farmers market shopping

Giving Tuesday, a day where charitable donations take precedence over retail sales, is fast becoming a staple of the holiday spending season. If you’re wondering how to genuinely involve yourself or your organization in Giving Tuesday, we have a few ideas for you.

United Way Chapter Fills Gaps in Community with NobleCause GrantKids and parent volunteers engage in outdoor learning

United Way focused grants on where they could make the biggest impact. Learn how they used a NobleCause grant to help their community.