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8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Retired couple engaged in conversation

Let’s face it. Depending on the weather, February can be a pretty dismal winter month! Maybe that’s one reason Valentine’s Day lands right in the middle of the month and also falls during Random Acts of Kindness Week! For some, this holiday brightens their day. Others can’t wait for it to be over. Either way, this Valentine’s Day we want to warm your hearts with some great ideas to celebrate this holiday of love. Believe it or not, they don’t involve a romantic dinner for two, a dozen red roses, or expensive jewelry. It’s something even better! It’s sharing your time, energy, talent, and goodness with others! So, grab a loved one – a boyfriend, a girlfriend, your best friend, a sibling, a co-worker, a parent, your son or daughter, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a new way!

1. Bake cookies for the homeless.

Reach out to your local shelter or soup kitchen and ask if you can drop off home baked cookies. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day!

2. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.

Sure dinner at a fancy restaurant is nice, but serving those in need with a loved one takes on a whole new meaning. Help make those in need feel special for the night.

3. Bring Valentine’s Day cards or treats to a nursing home, children’s hospital, or a women’s shelter.

Whether you create your own or purchase a box of Valentines, add a special wish and hand them out to people who often don’t have any visitors at all and miss the companionship.

4. Go through your closets and donate gently used clothing and winter gear.

Check with your local shelters, the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries to see what they need.

5. Have a Valentine’s Day party and make care packages or sandwiches for the homeless.

Gather all your friends (singles and couples!) and ask them to bring items like socks, gloves, toiletries, hand warmers, etc. Make sure to add a Valentine and some chocolates or cookies! Put the packages together and deliver them the same day or drop off at your local shelter. Call the shelter first to determine their guidelines.

6. Make cards for those you see everyday that make your day brighter

– your barista, the bus driver, the grocery store clerk, the waiter at your favorite lunch spot. Don’t forget associates at your office!

Volunteer at an animal shelter.

7. Share your love with a furry friend.

Whether it’s buying someone a cup of coffee or helping neighbors shovel their driveway, be generous with your time.

8. Perform simple acts of kindness throughout the day.

This Valentine’s Day share your love with those in need. Be generous and make someone’s day. It will warm their hearts, as well as yours during a cold winter’s month.

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By NobleHour Special Contributor:

Dolly Duplantier
Consultant, NobleHour
Contributing Writer / Blogger
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Greater Chicago Area

Dolly Duplantier is a freelance writer, editor, and social media specialist. She is the mother of three children, one college graduate, one in college, and one in high school. Writing about people and organizations making a difference is one of the best aspects of her job!