15 Questions to Ask On Your College VisitEmployees engaged at business workshop

In part three of our series about college visits, we share tips and questions to ask to make your next college a memorable – and productive – day. Here are 15 questions to ask during your college visit.

Scheduling College Tours? Begin with Basic QuestionsCollege students take exam

In part two of our series on college visits, we discuss how to decide which schools to visit and when to schedule tours. We share the basics on how to schedule college visits so that you can make the process as easily as possible.

Orientation Helps Student and Parents Transition to College LifeCollege student with packpack

Orientation provides students a chance to get adjusted to the campus and learn their way around. See how college orientation can help parents and students both transition to their new college life without additional stress.

How Volunteering and Service Can Help with College AdmissionsEngage your employees with corporate volunteerism

While extracurricular activities and leadership skills have always been a part of the admissions process, universities are now looking more closely at engagement and student volunteering record. See how volunteering and service can impact your odds of an acceptance letter.