The Triple BenefitFamily volunteering events teach children the importance of volunteering and giving back to their community.

The benefits of corporate volunteerism go well beyond what the nonprofit receives. Not only does the nonprofit benefit, but so does the company that supports its employees in volunteering, and the employees themselves also benefit. We call this the “Triple Benefit” to corporate volunteerism.

Customer Highlight: Adpearance

Adpearance is a digital marketing and sales solution software. It’s making it’s mark in digital advertising, but also in corporate volunteerism. Learn about this exceptional company and the work they’re doing in the community.

4 Tips to Create Your Employee Volunteer ProgramEmployee Volunteer Programs (EVP) like VTO foster employee engagement and company loyalty

Nearly 1 in 4 companies in the U.S. offer Volunteer Time Off (VTO) or an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP). How can you create a program that can foster employee engagement and make a difference in your community? Check out these 3 types of EVPs and the 4 tips to help you create your own program.

NobleBridge Spotlight: Rivermark Credit UnionRivermark Credit Union Community Volunteers

In addition to their success as a financial institution, Rivermark Credit Union has a rich history of volunteerism and giving back, which makes them a huge asset to the Portland community and the NobleBridge initiative. Learn more about how the local credit union is getting more involved in the community.

NobleBridge Spotlight: Partnering with Volunteers of America OregonVolunteers help VOA Oregon provides over 30 programs serving 19,000 residents annually.

The NobleBridge volunteer initiative brings Portland businesses and nonprofits like Volunteers of America – Oregon together to create a strong volunteer culture. Learn how your organization can get involved too!

Structured Corporate Volunteering vs Volunteer Time OffCorporate volunteering programs

Companies have a lot to think about when it comes to making an impact in their own community and providing competitive benefits to their employees. Now, there’s a way to do both through Volunteer Time Off (VTO) and Structured Corporate Volunteering (SCV)! Learn more!

Why Should Nonprofits Build Relationships With Businesses?Diversity and Inclusion through Corporate volunteerism

For nonprofits, finding a business to partner with comes with several benefits. Learn how to to create meaningful and lasting relationships with community partners.