The Triple BenefitFamily volunteering events teach children the importance of volunteering and giving back to their community.

The benefits of corporate volunteerism go well beyond what the nonprofit receives. Not only does the nonprofit benefit, but so does the company that supports its employees in volunteering, and the employees themselves also benefit. We call this the “Triple Benefit” to corporate volunteerism.

Customer Highlight: Adpearance

Adpearance is a digital marketing and sales solution software. It’s making it’s mark in digital advertising, but also in corporate volunteerism. Learn about this exceptional company and the work they’re doing in the community.

Professional Skills Development Through VolunteerismMeaningful Volunteer Experiences Enhance Employee Engagement

Companies are starting to recognize that volunteer work is an actual opportunity to build on employees’ skills — rather than just attract new hires. Here, we share a few ways that volunteering can improve employees’ professional skills and how your employee volunteer program can better support this development.

Employee Volunteer Teamsvolunteers collecting donations

An employee volunteer team (EVT) is an independent team dedicated to organizing and running an employee volunteer program. An EVT is created to allow employees to share the responsibilities of managing a business’s volunteer program. It’s also an efficient way to get employees involved and excited about your company’s volunteering efforts. Learn more about EVTs here.

4 Tips to Ensure Meaningful Volunteer ExperiencesMeaningful Volunteer Experiences Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance your company’s employee engagement, attract and retain top talent with these 4 simple tips to create meaningful volunteer experiences.

How a Solid VTO Program Can Reduce Operational Costsemployee volunteers

How can you reduce your operational costs while at the same time make a difference in your community? The answer is VTO – Volunteer Time Off! See how VTO can reduce expenses and make your business better!