College Move-In Day: A Major Milestone for Students and ParentsMoving boxes

With the right frame of mind and a little preparation, you’ll get through it just fine. Here are few tips from Residence Hall experts and parents that have survived the freshmen day move in!

15 Questions to Ask On Your College VisitEmployees engaged at business workshop

In part three of our series about college visits, we share tips and questions to ask to make your next college a memorable – and productive – day. Here are 15 questions to ask during your college visit.

It’s Never Too Soon to Start College VisitsCollege and service learning

Whether it’s a walk through a local university, taking kids to your college reunion, or spending a Saturday afternoon on the campus of your hometown school, a college visit can help your kids decide where they want to go. And it’s never to late to start touring schools!

10 Tips to Plan a Campus-Wide Service Eventcollege volunteers learning

If you’re planning a campus-wide service event for the first time, have one coming up this semester, or would like to initiate one in the future, here are 10 tips from seasoned veterans to ensure a successful and meaningful event.